On hearing about my soon to be published book a few friends and family members
wrote to me asking a number of questions about me as a writer and about
Love, Life and all that Jazz…

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Well this story has been building up in my head for over four years now. For as long as I can remember I've always wanted to write about something. At this time a year ago, I finally decided to sit down and start writing. It was difficult initially, it meant sacrificing time which I would spend with family and friends, time for leisure and working out...But once I finished a few pages I was captivated by the urge to go on. I spent every waking hour outside work thinking about the plot and the narrative and of course kept writing during all the free time I had.. After two months, I had written over eighty thousand words. The trick was pulling it all together in a narrative which the audience would like to read it in. I removed probably a fourth of what I had originally written and rewrote bits where I believed the story needed depth and needed to build the conflict and develop the characters.

What interested me are my own experience and the experience of many others. The things we want at 18 or 21 are very different from what we aspire for now. We have illusions about what we want in life and who we want to be when we are in school or college. Often, these are shaped by the influence and opinions of our families and friends. There is that aspiration to go out there and be the best, to be rich and successful. But over the years things change. We look back at our lives and think whether we made the right choices? Whether what we are doing is what we really want for ourselves? Where we want to live? Who do we want to be with? The characters find themselves asking these very questions in 'Love, Life and all that Jazz...' It's all about clarifying who you really are and what are your dreams...and finding a way to get there.

Through the story of this book I want my audience to believe in their dreams and go out and live them. Very often we live our lives based on what society expects of us, what our families want and the perceptions others might have of us with much of this linked to material attainment. What really matters is whether you are happy living these lives and doing what you do. If not, go out there and be yourself. Do the things you believe in, find what you enjoy doing and live the life you aspire for...

This book is not autobiographical nor is a personal journey. It has been written for a target audience and keeping in mind what they would like to read. As a writer your influences are based on people you have met and whom you know and the experiences you've had. The answer is yes and no. Yes - Like the characters in the book I know friends who a bankers, friends who are involved in their family business and some who have started their own business and even those who've faced similar choices as the characters in the novel. Many of us have had broken relationships, a failed romance, differences with our parents and friends and have been in the wrong jobs or worked with people we despise. I feel a lot of people will relate to the characters in the book and find a little bit of themselves in one or more of the characters. No - as no character is based on any one person's life. It's neither my story nor is it based on a friend's life. Maybe there are characters in the book that are in similar jobs or who may have a striking similarity in their personality and mannerisms but the story is completely fictional. Despite my influences but I can convincingly say that I have managed to keep it fictional. No one I know can read it and say, this is exactly my life's story. If they do feel this way it is completely co-incidental ;-)

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"What do you think? I'm not a starfish or a pepper tree. I'm a living, breathing human being. Of course I've been in love."
— Haruki Murakami (Kafka on the Shore)