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Katiyar in Frappe Magazine
 The characters strike a chord, they certainly arouse your curiosity right to the end. Ahmed uses a nice literary technique of orienting the reader into time wraps in the narrative...
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Paritosh Uttam, Author of Dreams in Prussian Blue on Goodreads
 Love, life & all that jazz… is an insightful narration of the way relationships work in urban and young India. The author skilfully weaves in the different choices and conflicts one faces–love, career, family, religion, among others–in the bid to be successful in one’s life and relationships. The characters in the novel have a surprising variety and depth to them, that make reading it a meaningful and pleasant experience. 
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Prateek Gupta on 'Ginger and Cardamom'
 The book is an easy and fast paced read, the story moves at speed where the reader remains interested as the plot keeps shifting between the lives of all the characters. The book doesn’t try and accomplish some great literary feat but leaves you with a gooey warm feeling leaving you remembering your old friends and groups, might even tempt you to make a call to an old friend and relive those old days. 
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Smita Saxena on Oye! Times
 The book for me is a connotation of life of today’s youth, their aspirations & way of living. The characters are well sketched and the fast pace of the book keeps you glued in. There will surely be instances which each of us can relate to. 
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Asian Age
 Debutante author Ahmed Faiyaz’s novel Love, Life and all that Jazz traverses the wonder years of college. His characters are young, vibrant, energetic and flirtatious. 
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Indian Express (Jennifer Francis)
 ....sharply observed, witty and wise. Haunted on every page are the feelings, emotions and conflicts within oneself and their environment. This evocation of youth, innocence and friendship will be felt for a long time to come with deep lasting pleasure. 
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Chennai Chrolnicle
 Faiyaz doesn’t push his points and this is what makes Love, Life and all that Jazz a good read. The characters strike a chord and are strongly fleshed out. The narrative is effortless, the pace steady, the plot well knit. 
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Aseem Rastogi on Writing Masterpieces
 What I like most about the book is its freshness and the story about friends and how each of them cope up with their issues but still stand by each other and end up at the same place after 6 years from where they started. 
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Sahil Khan on The Tossed Salad, Pune's Lifestyle Portal
 Faiyaz writes of the reality of relationships in urban cities which many of us tend to ignore. Read it for damn-aah-yes moment recalls from your love life...Faiyaz has actually depicted, believe it or not, a reality....Do pick up the book, as I’m sure you will be able to relate to it, directly or indirectly. 
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