I was raised in , the Bangalore that once was a sleepy old
pensioner’s paradise and the garden city of India. and enjoy
all kinds of books from Indian Fiction to Philosophy and Mythology (self –
help books excluded). My favourite authors are

I also enjoy reading short stories by
on the India that once was. I am also an avid
moviegoer and enjoy watching old and new Hindi and English films and
indulge in world cinema from time to time.

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I also love to travel and see new places, especially those with a rich culture and history. Syria and Turkey are likely
to be my next expeditions, hopefully in 2010. I love the and have managed to spend much of my
annual holidays in the mountains every year. I spent time in Himachal in 2008 and covered a lot of Uttaranchal
(officially Uttarakhand) in 2009. I hope to continue the tradition in 2010 as well. Maybe best of both this year if
possible. A trip to is something I’ve planned for the last couple of years but I haven’t been able to do
it, maybe 2010 is the year I finally make it to Ladakh!
While I enjoy travelling to new places, I also make sure I take some time off to enjoy a game of tennis or shoot a
few hoops on the basketball court. Although I haven’t managed to play any sport since I got married eight months
ago and since I began writing which to me is like an attention seeking
And it does not end there! I am a management consultant by profession and work for the Health Authority of the
Government of Dubai in a Strategic Planning and Execution role. I have in my previous roles worked for Strategy
Consulting firms in and India. I completed my graduation in 2006 from the
It is there that I first realised that my love for the written world was not limited to reading books. I began my stint
with writing and became the editor of a fortnightly business journal for management students called ‘Forthright’.
I am also a qualified (my biggest battle till date) and began my career with
KPMG in Bangalore before I left my job to pursue an MBA degree.
I believe life is all about taking chances and trying to realise your dreams. That’s how my book ‘
’ happened. It is my first book and it’s not based on my life but I can relate to it and I feel
that in many ways you shall be able to relate to it as well. Hopefully!
This book is not about getting into an IIT or an IIM and surviving there, nor is it about getting into the Indian
Cricket Team or the IPL (just thought I’d clarify this because you know how passionate we are about cricket and
everything related to the game!) Read it and you will discover it’s more interesting than that!
Writing is not about making money for me nor am I considering a career switch. It’s much more than that. It’s
something that is self – fulfilling. I aim and hope to write the kind of stories I enjoy reading and hopefully what
you enjoy too. I am also working on my next novel – and a short story -
You can write to me at ahmed@ahmedfaiyaz.in.

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"Dreams come from the past, not from the future. Dreams shouldn't control you--you should control them."
— Haruki Murakami (Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman: 24 Stories)